Krytox Lubes   -  Made in USA 


Krytox series are highly acclaimed for various switches and parts 


GPL 103    :    80 cST @20°C     Light-Medium viscosity Oil,  for Linears, Clickies 

GPL 104    :   180 cST @20°C    Medium Viscosity Oil,  for variety of switches  

GPL 105    :   550 cST @20°C    Medium-Heavy Viscosity Oil,  variety of switches  
GPL 106    :   810 cST @20°C    Heavy Viscosity Oil,  for variety of switches

GPL 107    : 1600 cST @20°C    Heavy Viscosity Oil,  for variety of switches


* Note   -   Net 1g will be good enough for 200 - 300 switches 

               -   All packed with  +0.05g precision  


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Krytox lubes


    Free Return if items have serious production defects.  Free Refund before the item has shipped out. 


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