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  About SPRiT Designs

Dear Mechanical Enthusiasts,

I have been dreaming of  'A Perfect Keyboard ' since my old Mac M0110 and NeXT boards. 

We are witnessing a renaissance we never expected before 2008    . . .  

I am simply happy to deliver our works to the advanced users around the planet. 

   “I’m changing the world, one keyboard

     at a time”    -   Steve Jobs


Please Enjoy Your Premier Builds, 


Executive Engineering Designer


 SPRiT   :   noun, nautical, a small pole or spar crossing a fore-and-aft sail diagonally from the mast

                  to the upper aftermost corner, serving to extend the sail.   eg :  sprit sail     Before 900 ;

                  middle English spret,  old English sprēot,  cognate with Dutch, German Spriet   

CHERRY MX RGB ,  Color Stabilizers  (2)_
Image by Matheo JBT
our Taskforces in action
On THe Planet Partners
Customer SupporT

All Designed & Produced of super precision Premium Materials  

SPRiT Designs is a legit TradeMark   

Any violation against our copyrights and copying our product details will be legally and socially Counteracted by all means 

Design n Engineering
SPRiT K   MarK D   David Kim
Quality Care 
Karen J  Chung C  Sophie R   S Lee

Stock Management

Y Koh   J Minh  

General affairs   

David Kim  


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