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SPRIT ALPS Springs   -   since 2013 


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World Premier Systematic Production  -  DEsigned & Produced by SPRiT 

'I'm changing the world, one keyboard at a time'  -  Steve Jobs  

Truly faithful to the Alps Originals, 

Long-term field tested and Supreme quality controlled


made of the best materials from Japan and Korea  -  Custom Ordered

Please consider additional forces of Contact leaf(5-10cN) & 2nd Leaf(5-15cN) 

Actuation    Similar coil springs 


15 cN                 SPRiT Ultra Light Edition    World premier  Jan 2019

20cN                  SPRiT Ultra Light Edition    World premier  Apr 2018

25cN                 SPRiT Ultra Light Edition    World premier  Apr 2018

30cN                 SPRiT Super Light Edition   World premier  Apr 2018 
35cN                 SPRiT Super Light Edition  Matias Quiet Linears 
40cN                 SPRiT Super Light Edition 


45cN                 Green Linears, Matias Linears & Tactiles 

50cN                 Orange Tactile,  White Clicky
55cN                 Blue Clicky,  Salmon Tactiles,  Black Tactiles,  Cream Tactiles,  Cream Damped,  White Damped,  Yellow Linears  
60cN                 Brown Tactiles
65cN                 Amber Clicky,  Cream Linears 
70cN                 Brown Linears 

85cN                 Gray Linears 
100cN                SPRiT Heavy Alps Edition 
125cN                Gray Heavy Linears,  Cream Heavy Linears 
150cN                SPRiT Super Heavy Edition 



Apple Model 0110,  0110A,  AEK,  AEK II,  IIgs,  Apple Standard

Alps Metal SW,  Dell AT101,  SGI,  Wang 724 

NorthGate Blue,  OmniKey,  NCR,  Zenith Green Tree

LeadingEdge 2014 Blues,  LeadingEdge 3014,  NeXT Black by Steve Jobs

Matias Keyboards and switches,  Taiwanese & Chinese Alps compatible switches 


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