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SPRIT ALPS Springs    -   since 2013 


-  Designed & Made by SPRiT 

-  World Premier Systematic Production 

-  Challenging to 99.5% Supreme Precision - avrg 0.3g variance since Oct 2020

-  Made in Korea of super-precision premium materials under SPRiT control



Actuation    /    Similar Coil Springs 

* Consider additional forces of Contact leaf (5-10cN)  &  2nd Leaf (5-10cN) 


12cN    Steno Light Edition   World Premier  Jan 2019

15cN     Steno Light Edition  World premier  Jan 2019

20cN     Steno Light Edition  World premier  Apr 2018

25cN     Ultra Light Edition  World premier  Apr 2018  


30cN     Super Light Edition,  World premier  Apr 2018 
35cN     Super Light Edition,  Matias Quiet Linear 

40cN     SPRiT Light Edition 


45cN     Green Linear,  Matias Linear & Tactile 

50cN     Orange Tactile,  White Clicky, 
55cN     Blues,  Salmon,  Blacks,  Cream Damped, Yellow Linear
60cN     Brown Tactile 
65cN     Amber Clicky, Cream Linear 

70cN     Brown Linear 


 85cN     Gray Linear 
100cN    SPRiT 
Heavy Alps Edition 
125cN    Gray Heavy Linear,  Cream Heavy Linear 
150cN    SPRiT Super Heavy Edition 


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ALPS 99.5%


    Free Return if items have serious production defects.  Free Refund before the item has shipped out. 


    FedEx,  EMS Express 

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