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LSS Station (Lube Swap Springs)          since 2011

Lubing and Swapping Springs become much easier

Simple and Beautiful WYSIWYG Design

Made in Korea of the premium materials under SPRiT control



Lube switches positioned exactly the same as assembled board


To lube 64 switches at a time 



   LSS  V1     WDH  320 x 115 x 5  + 10 mm Bottom        Jul 2011


   LSS  V2     WDH  320 x 115 x 5  +  5 mm  Bottom        Mar 2021  


   LSS  V3     WDH  320 x 115 x 5 mm  + Your own bumpon     Apr 2021



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LSS Station V1 V2 V3


    Free Return if items have serious production defects.  Free Refund before the item has shipped out. 


    FedEx,  EMS Express 

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