SPRiT  MX  Supreme Series  -  World Premier Systematic Production  since 2013



Supreme 'S' Series  v4.x   -   It's not Magic, It's Science  

Challenging to the 99% Supreme Precision  

Made of the best custom ordered materials from Japan and Korea 


Please Enjoy Your Premier Builds! 


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Bottom out force  (Actuation Force)


12 S    (Actuation  8 cN)    World Premier  Ultra light   Jan 2019  -  Only for the smoothest Optical switches,  No Guarantee on the other switches at all.


15 S    (Actuation 10cN)    World Premier  Ultra light    Rev v4.2   Jul 2019

20 S    (Actuation 15cN)    World Premier  Ultra light    Jan 2019

25 S    (Actuation 20cN)    World Premier  Ultra light    Jan 2019  


30 S    (Actuation 20cN)   World Premier  Super light   since  Jan 2018  

35 S    (Actuation 25cN)   World Premier  Super light   since  Jan 2018

40 S    (Actuation 30cN)   World Premier  Super light   since  Jan 2018
45 S    (Actuation 35cN)   World Premier  Super light   since  Jul 2017


50 S    (Actuation 35cN)    World Premier 2013
55 S    (Actuation 40cN)     

58 S    (Actuation 43cN)    World Premier 2013 

60 S    (Actuation 45cN)      

62 S      [Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition]       Medium rate curved

63.5 S   [Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition]       In the pursuit of the sweetest spot in between 62g and 65g   World Premier 2017


65 S     [Shinken 真剣 ダナ Edition]       

68 S     [SPRiT Vintage Black Edition]   

69 S     Special Edition with www.gboards.ca   Similar to 68 S but 4g heavier start


72 S     [SPRiT Vintage Black Edition]    World Premier 2013 

78 S    [SPRiT Soft MX Clear Edition]    World Premier 2014

85 S    [SPRiT MX Clear Edition]   World Premier 2013    New v4.3 from Oct 2020

100 S   [SPRiT Heavy Gray Edition]      New v4.3 from Oct 2020 
125 S   [SPRiT Super Heavy Edition]   
150 S   [SPRiT Super Heavy Edition]   

180 S   [SPRiT Super Heavy Edition]   


For more info  >  spritdesigns.com/mx


MX Supreme

Bottom out Weight

    Free Return if items have serious production defects.  Free Refund before the item has shipped out. 


    FedEx,  EMS Express 


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