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Acrylic Plates   -   SPRiT Edition   since 2012 


   Best for the LED Effects, various colors available

   Extreamly quiet, longterm durable 

   Designed for the best Resonance control

   Made in Korea of the premium materials under SPRiT control


   All designed for Switch Tops Open  &  Stab wire derail Protection

   Supports split spacebars, PCB or Plate mounted Switches

   Works with GMK screw-in stabilizers since 2012 



* Important Notice  

Pre V3.3 might need to cut off the bottom piece of Enter, depends on the stab direction on the PCB 



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SPRiT Plates


    Free Return if items have serious production defects.  Free Refund before the item has shipped out. 


    FedEx,  EMS Express 

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