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I have designed  Progressive rate springs to be much lighter than normal springs by 8g - 10g until the actuation point as Graph 1.   

The force rises rapidly after actuation, results in the same bottom out weight as the conventional linear springs.  

If you want to experience bouncier bottom out, please try one or two level heavier springs. 

Progressive springs are hard to find any practical example in the electronics industry, the production is utterly trickier and takes much longer time.


Please Enjoy Your World Premier Builds 



* No Polarity on Progressive springs.

  According to the Newtonians,   Fab  =  - Fba



Bottom out Force              Force ratio Before vs After actuation


55 P   (Actuation 35cN)  -  Force ratio 38 : 62  Similar actuation to 45 S


63.5 P (Actuation 40cN)  - Force ratio 38 : 62  Similar actuation to 55 S


68 P    (Actuation   cN)   -  Force ratio 40 : 60  Similar actuation to 58 S


72 P    (Actuation   cN)   -  Force ratio 36 : 64  Similar actuation to 63.5S

78 P    (Actuation   cN)   -  Force ratio 38 : 62  Similar actuation to 68 S 


100 P   (Actuation   cN)   -  Force ratio 36 : 64  Similar actuation to 85 S


125 P   (Actuation   cN)   -  Force ratio 38 : 62  Similar actuation to 100 S


For further info  >   spritdesigns.com/mx


MX Progressive

Bottom out Weight

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